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About us

The Swedish Fire Research Board, Brandforsk, is the joint agency of the Swedish goverment, local authorities, insurance companies and industry. Its brief is to initiate, fund and follow up various types of fire research. The work is under the leadership of the board of directors, and is undertaken in the form of projects at universities, institutes of technology, research organisations, goverment agencies and industrial enterprises. The Secretariat of Brandforsk shares the premises of the Swedish Fire Protection Association, SFPA, which is also the principal organization as well as the legal partner in contracts with the government.

Fire Safety Research is important

The society is constantly in change and research is necessary for the development. The change requires an adaptation of the healt of safety work to meet the new needs and demands. 

The support from the Swedish Fire Research Board has contributed to make the Swedish fire safety research and the Fire Engineer Education well known world wide.

Together we enable research

According to the insurande companies the fires cost the society approximately 4 billions each year in Sweden. The Swedish Fire Research Board provides urgent knowledge for increased fire safety. 

Thanks to the committment of our partners, our important work can continue for long time.