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The Swedish Fire Research Board was established in 1979 to meet the needs for an organisation to initiate and fund research and development in the fire protection area. The basis for the Swedish Fire Research Board is cooperation between the society, the insurers and the commerce and industry, to start, fund and follow up research projects. During the first 31 years we have contributed to more than 100 projects with a total sum of slightly more than 200 million Swedish crowns.

Overall objective
Using three year research programs, the overall goal for Brandforsk is to improve the state of knowledge in order to:

  • reduce the number of deaths and injuries due to fire
  • restrict the number of fires and their size
  • improve the protection and safety of fire men and women
  • promote the development of new materials and new products, which technically, economically and environmentally best meets the fire safety requirements
  • minimize the impact on the environment from both fires and fire protection measures
  • facilitate international standardization and harmonization activities by developing the required documentation