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Upgrade to subscriber

You and your company can participate and influence future fire research in Sweden.

Together agencies, organizations and businesses can achieve results they all will benefit from. This is made possible by subscribing for shares in Brandforsk.

 As a subscriber you are able to participate in reference groups or project committees and thus actively influencing the development. You will also have the possibility to extend your personal fire protection network. In addition, as a subscriber you will be invited to our information days, get the project reports early, get our newsletters with summaries of results and achievements of our projects.

As a subscriber to Brandforsk your organization will actively help us to:
  • reduce the number of deaths and injuries in fires
  • restrict fires to the number and size of economic losses
  • improve fire protection and safety for fire men and women
  • develop new materials and products
  • preserve the environment from being damaged by fires or fire protection measures
  • provide knowledge to facilitate international standardization and harmonization activities

As a subscriber, you get the ability to:

  • influence the research direction
  • continuous update on the latest in fire research
  • be a consultative body for research applications
  • participate in reference groups for research projects
  • participate in the development of our research program

Register your interest to participate in reference groups by e-mailing:

In 2009, one share costs 70 000 SKR per year. For municipalities, emergency services and insurance industry, there are special arrangements. Please contact the Brandforsk Office for more information on share subscription.
These companies and organizations are currently subscribers of Brandforsk Present  subscriber

Please contact us for further information.