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To apply for funding

Since the Swedish Fire Research Board, Brandforsk, started in 1979, we have invested more than 200 million Swedish crowns in research aiming to increase the fire safety in Sweden. 

Research Program
The Research Program is valid for a three-years period and describes the seven topics that are prioritized.

Download the Research Program as a pdf

Who can apply?
Universities, Research Institutes, Government agencies, companies and organisations can apply for funding from the the Swedish Fire Reseach Board.

To apply for funding
The application must be filed in Swedish using our specific form online no later that the date specified. The Applications are reviewed twice a year by the Board, in May and in November. In addition to the form, we request a description of the project and the CV of the project manager.

Signed application must be sent by regular mail to Brandforsk, The Swedish Fire Research Board, Box 427 44, SE-100 74 Stockholm, Sweden.

The applications are distributed to a certain group of researchers, experts and interested parties for reviewing.They look into the research needs, previous work in the specific area, scientific and practical use of the expected results and if it is competative whith our aims.

Final decicion and granting are performed twice a year by the Board, in May and November.

Current calls:


September 5


6 februari

6 september

Download the Research Program for 2015-2018!