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CFPA Europe Research Commission

In June 2010, it was decided to set up a new commission within the CFPA-Europe: the CFPA-E Research Commission. This was an initiative of Per-Erik Johansson, the director of Brandforsk, and will increase the possibilities for information exchange and will also facilitate cooperation within the fire research in Europe. During the spring 2011, participants from 11 European countries will continue the work with defining how the commission will operate in the future.

CFPA Europe

The Confederation of Fire Protection Association Europe, CFPA-E, is an association of 16 national organizations in Europe which are related mainly to fire prevention and protection. Within the CFPA-E there is also a Training Commission, a Guidelines Commission and a Security Commission except the Research Commission. Read more about the CFPA-E on



CFPA International

The Confederation of  Fire Protection Associations International, CFPA-I, includes the main part of the fire protection organizations in Europe and some from the rest of the world such as Australia, China, Egypt, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa and USA. They meet every three years. Read more about CFPA-I on