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Research Projects

The Swedish Fire Research Board, Brandforsk, has financed hundreds of projects over the past thirty years. Great progress has been achieved thanks to the research carried out in the fire safety area. Many of the projects can be downloaded here, most of them in Swedish only. To obtain projects older published before 2000, we ask you to contact us.

Besides the traditional, individual research projects, we have also initiated funding of wider projects. The Arson project is an example of that.

Fire research reports

Fire exposed junior high schools: causes, prevention and effective countermeasures.
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Case study of design fires.
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Room geometry effect on smoke spread.
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Design of evacuation point
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New projects

At the Board meeting on November 19th 2015 was granted funding for three new projects.

Success factors in residential fires
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Fire protection in wooden-high house
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The next application date: 5 september 2016. Decision after the Board meeting on november 19th.