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Completed projects from 2000 and onwards

You will find completed projects from 2000 and onwards, grouped in the seven topic areas. Go to the respective area to find the projects and the possibility to download reports or information leaflets. 


1. Assessment of Fire Protection Measures. Go to topic 1.

2. Interaction between Humans, Technology, Organisation and Society. Go to topic 2.
3. Fire Protection in Buildings. Go to topic 3. 
4. Fire Protection in Transportation. Go to topic 4.
5. Active Fire Protection Systems. Go to topic 5. 
6. Fire Protection and Risks in Industrial settings. Go to topic 6.
7. Fire and the Environment. Go to topic 7. 


Arson project

The Arson project is now finished. To read reports and information leaflets within the project press here.

Fire research reports

Safer storage of biofuel and waste – statistics on and lessons from incidents and fires.
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Evaluation of different fire scenarios influence on bearing träkonstruktioners performance and reliability.
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Room fire with low ventilation don-model scale tests.
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