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5. Active Fire Protection Systems

The society invests huge amounts of money every year to protect themselves against fire. It could be action by individuals purchasing smoke alarms or larger employers, committed to protecting their plant with water sprinklers. These measures will almost certainly be helpful in preventing and reducing the effects of a fire, but how do you know which steps and combinations of measures will provide the most effective results?

Design of water-based fire-extinguishing systems in tunnels.
Suggestions on the new design fires for tunnels with fixed firefighting systems. Knowledge about how the firefighting systems affect the size of fires in tunnels has been lacking. This means great uncertainties for both drafters, tunnel owners and emergency services when planning and dimensioning of the fire protection engineering systems takes place. Thanks to the implemented project will increase knowledge in this area.

Publisher: SP| Author: Ying Zhen Li, Glenn Appel, Haukur Ingason and Hans Nyman 501-121 | Year: 2014
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Firefighting water mist-a knowledge compilation.
The report describes the recent technological developments in the field, presents experiences and results from verification attempts for various applications, describes the installation rules as well as the test methods with its applications and give examples of good as well as bad experiences from real-world installations.

Publisher: SP| Author: Magnus Arvidsson 500-121 | Year: 2014
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Validation of the computational tools toward the PRISME project

Fires in nuclear power plants can be an important hazard for the overall safety of the facility. One of the important aspects is the effect of ventilation on the fire and viceversa. Research was with this aspect in mind performed in the PRISME project supported by OECD/NEA. As part of the project also a Swedish research project was initiated. This report is the part, which summarizes the work performed at Lund University to interpret and use the tests results from the experiments performed at the facilities of IRSN.

Publisher: LTH, Fire Technology | Job no: 502-061 | Year: 2011

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Use of the test results from PRISME for practical applications in Sweden.
Author: Patrick van Hees, Nils Johansson, Jonathan Wahlqvist

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Results of benchmark exercises at LTH
Author: Patrick van Hees, Jonathan Wahlqvist

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A methodology for assessing fire damage scenario of nuclear power plant
Author: Patrick van Hees, Nils Johansson

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Kvalitetsmanual for fire engineering analyses for Swedish nuclear facilities
Author: Frederick Nystedt, Håkan Frantzich

Read the scientific report: Quantifying differences between computational results and measurements in the case of a large-scale well-confined fire scenario, L Audouin etc


Evaluation of pyrotechnic generated aerosols – theory and practice.
Operate pyrotechnic generated aerosols as a new halonersättningsmedel?Pyrotechnic generated aerosols (PGA) is a relatively new medium on the Swedish market and its effects on electronic components and on our health is not fully investigated. The purpose of this report is to try to provide answers to some questions. Is DUE to dangerous for health? Generate harmful levels of residues? Is generated aerosol harmful to electrical components? Increases the triggering of an aerosol management ability in air? How can anyone be a space exposed to the PGA?
Publisher: Lund University | Author: Jonas Ekstrom, Björn Nilsson, Göran Holmstedt, Patrick van Hees, Johan Åqvist, Anders Gudmundsson
Job no: 503-071
| Year: 2008
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Fireworks in public places
In connection with new year's celebrations each year, it will be set up temporary shops for Fireworks in large and small shops of various kinds. Research Board, FOI (FOI) carry out two trials where fire progression in the pyrotechnics fire in different types of outlets are being studied.
Publisher: FOI | Author: Reine Adolfsson, Elisabeth Bemm, Dennis Menning, Per Shorthand
Job no: 501-061
| Year: 2008
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The effects of environmental influences on behavior of brandsvällande bars

For designs requiring brandmot-able made tests on new products. No account shall be taken of the product often has a long life span and degradation of various materials can be done during this time. Brandsvällande bars are used in passive fire protection of building parts.
Publisher: SP | Bijan Adl-Zarrabi
Job no: 502-051 | Year: 2007
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Thermal decomposition of gaseous halonersättningsmedel

For a long time halogeninnehållande extinguishing agents, halons, formed a large part of the market with medium in those cases where no water or water containing products are appropriate. Halons have, unfortunately, a big impact on the ozone layer and, therefore, are no longer allowed. LTH have in this project studied the släckförmågan of different extinguishing agents.
Publisher: Lund University | Author: Berit Andersson, Per Blomqvist, Anne's Dederichs
Job no: 501-051
| Year: 2008
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Compilation of experiences of sprinkler installations in Swedish churches
In recent years, a dozen Swedish churches are equipped with sprinkler systems. The objective of this project was to document the sprinkler installations in some representative churches, to compile the knowledge and experience of these installations and to identify areas for further research.
Publisher: SP | Author: Magnus Arvidsson
Job No.: 500-061
| Year: 2006
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The total water demand of extinguishing can be reduced through the use of A foam and CAFS
A literature and knowledge compilation undertaken indicates a relatively extensive use of class A foam in some countries. Originally developed A foam of vegetation and forest firefighting but use has subsequently been extended.
Publisher: SP | Author: Henry Persson
Job number: 516-021
| Year: 2006
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Advice for installing heat detection cable in ytterfasad
Many municipalities and property owners causes vandalism and fire major problems. To detect these types of fires at an early stage, it has been on several different parts of the country have begun installing heat detection cable ("heat cables") along the facades
Publisher: SP | Author: Henry Persson, Petra Andersson, Heimo Tuovinen
Job No.: 500-051
| Year: 2006
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Unique collection of 480 cisternbränder
An extensive literature survey carried out to compile information and experience from cisternbränder. A total of 480 fires have been identified around the world since the beginning of the 1950s, which is collected in a database. From about 30 of these fires are relatively good information about fires and släckinsats which are summarized in the report.
Publisher: SP | Author: Henry Persson
Job no: 513-021
| Year: 2004
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Water Mist; theory and physics
This report provides an overview of the mechanisms that control vattendimmans släckeffektivitet. The report also different simulation tools that can be used to simulate firefighting systems based on water mist.
Publisher: SP | Author: Tommy Hertzberg, Adam Hahne, Carl Josefsson, Göran Holmstedt, Bjarne Husted
Job no: 514-021
| Year: 2004
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Sprinkler pipes in plastic
On the Swedish market, there are several tried and tested pipe system in plastic (thermoplastic) for domestic hot water, heating and cooling systems, including the materials PE, PEX, PP, PB, ABS and CPVC which could be useful as a sprinkler pipe.
Publisher: SP | Author: Magnus Arvidsson
Job No.: 515-021
| Year: 2004
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Water-based firefighting systems can be used in load compartments on board ships
Water-based firefighting systems can be used for most types of cargo compartments on board ships.
But systems require special considerations, such as in relation to dangerous goods which react with water.
These are some of the conclusions presented in a recently completed project.
Publisher: SP | Author: Magnus Arvidsson, Håkan Torstensson
Job No.: 511-001
| Year: 2002
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EU project FOAMSPEX shows:
More påföringshastighet cisternbränder require higher!
The project FOAMSPEX has been through an extensive experimental work, significantly increased understanding of foam properties and skumutflytnad. Engineering models for skumutflytnad of burning fuel surfaces have shown good consistency between the calculated and experimental results for chute and circular geometry up to 141 sqm. In the modeling of large surfaces is greater uncertainty, but will still be able to view more interesting results.
Publisher: SP | Author: Bror Persson, Henry Persson, Anders Lönnermark, Dave Mulligan, Antonio Lancia, Micaela Demichela
Job no: 505-981
| Year: 2001
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Aerosol fire extinguishing
The technique of pyrotechnic generated aerosols is relatively simple, cheap and has high släckeffektivitet. The disadvantages are that the outflow creates a strong term reduction, why only unmanned spaces can be protected.
Publisher: SP | Author: Magnus Arvidsson, Tommy Hertzberg, Peter Kangedal
Job No.: 507-991
| Year: 2002
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Common materials in our home environment gives off hydrogen cyanide to fire
In a research project, SP demonstrated that hydrogen cyanide (HCN) is a commonly used substance in fire gases. The results show that large amounts of HCN formation in underventilerade conditions and high temperatures.
Publisher: SP | Author: Margaret Simonson, Heimo Tuovinen
Job no: 510-991
| Year: 2001
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Water mist extinguishing systems
Recent developments show that water mist systems have the potential to replace or be an alternative to traditional firefighting systems. Water has many benefits, it is cheap, is not toxic and does not present a danger to the outside environment.
Publisher: SP | Author: Magnus Arvidsson, Tommy Hertzberg
Job no: 509-991
| Year: 2001
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A model of rescue tactics
There are already ways to assess the type of extinguishing agent is best suited for different scenarios. In most cases, you can also evaluate the required quantity of extinguishing agent in advance. This assessment provides a link between the preventive and operational work. In the future, thus släckinsatsen based on operation plan, which is linked to civil protection supervisory activities.
Publisher: Lund University | Author: Stefan Särdqvist
Job no: 501-971
| Year: 1998
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Fire extinguishers with powder are most effective in residential environment
There has been no immediate consensus about what types and sizes of fire-extinguishers should be recommended in different environments. Therefore, SP-fire technology a number of attempts to obtain the supporting documents to the guidelines for the selection of fire extinguishers in the home environment.
Publisher: SP | Author: Hans Wetterlund
Job no: 504-981
| Year: 1999
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