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7. Fire and the Environment

Conversion to a sustainable society involves changing risks of fire where both opportunities, for fires to start, and new fire hazards may occur. Both fires and fire prevention measures may affect the environment and may thus be linked to the national environmental goals.

Safer storage of biofuel and waste-statistics and experience from incidents and fires.
Then 10-15 years there has been a substantial shift to replace fossil fuels with different types of bio-energy and waste and to achieve a greater recycling. This involves an extensive handling and storage of these materials which also entails risks of fire. The aim of the project has been to gather knowledge about how the storage of different types of biofuel and waste occurs, and an updated statistics on fires occurred and collate the experience gained by these incidents.

Publisher: SP | Author: Henry P, Alexander Leandersson, Malika Amen and Ander Lönnermark. 701-121 | Year: 2014

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Measuring the environmental impact of fires. (EcoTox).
Emissions from fires typically consists of substances and particles that are harmful to man and the environment. The extent of the spill and dioxin throughout from a fire depends on combustion conditions, fuel fire, the surrounding environment and the extent of utsläpet.

Publisher: SP | Author: Francine Amon, Margaret Simonson McNamee, Per Blomqvist 700-121 | Year: 2014

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Brandgenererade particles
In this project, it has been looked on brandgenererade particles and its composition. It has, inter alia, examined how toxic substances behave depending on whether they are in a gaseous or particulate phase and how particle size affects the deposit of the respiratory system.
Publisher: SP | Author: Per Blomqvist, Margaret Simonson McNamee, Anna A. Stec, Daniel Gylestam, Daniel Karlsson
Job no: 700-061
| Year: 2010
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Formation and reactions of aerosols in and after the flames
Formation of aerosols are of great importance in the firewall context. Aerosols, it counted particles and liquid droplets, are formed in the fires, they affect the spread of flame and reduce long term marketability.
Publisher: SP | Author: Anne's Dederichs
Job no: 703-041
| Year: 2006
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How to avoid a layer of bio fuel or biogenic waste ignites teeth?
Self-heating in large stocks of biofuels and biogenic waste has long been a major practical problem. In 2004-2005, in Sweden. five silos självantänt. Despite detailed studies, there has been no good model available that can predict the risk of self-ignition.
Publisher: Lund University | Author: Goran Holmstedt
Job No.: 701-031
| Year: 2005
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Measurement and simulation of Brandrök
Reconstruction of hospital fire in Växjö in SP shows that flooring material played a crucial role in both the violent fire that the very strong smoke development.
Publisher: SP | Author: Heimo Tuovinen, Per Blomqvist, Tommy Hertzberg
Job no: 702-041
| Year: 2005
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Knowledge about emission controls släckinsatsen
Fires in a battery warehouse in Landskrona in July 2001 and a tire recycling companies in Malmö Harbor in september 2001 has raised health and environmental problems in connection with the fires. Products and materials offers a wide variety of chemical substances. They burn in different ways to produce different types of chemical compounds, which ends up in the fire smoke or släckvattnet.
Publisher: SP | Author: Anders Lönnermark, Ida Larsson
Job number: 707-021
| Year: 2003
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Environmental disposal of end-of-life foam fluid solutions from sprinkler systems
The foam is an effective extinguishing agents in order to extinguish fires of flammable liquids. Skumsläckmedel ages, however, because they contain easily biodegradable organic compounds and various additives. Special mixtures, "pre-mix", IE skumsläckmedel premixed with water used in sprinkler installations, have a limited lifetime.
Publisher: IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute LTD | Author: Peter Solyom
Job number: 704-011
| Year: 2002
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Water enhances flexible sektioneringar
With a flexible sectioning, eg. fire curtains or blinds, a large local are divided into smaller units at a fire and thereby reduce the risk of a total damage. In a project, it has been shown that with small watercourses, compared with conventional sprinkling, can significantly improve the separation ability of sektioneringarna.
Publisher: SP | Author: Bror Persson, Magnus Arvidson, Megan, Lars Boström
Job no: 743-961
| Year: 2001
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New standard plastic goods, laying the foundations for European freight classification method
As reference materials in full-scale fire sprinkler testing long Factory Mutual ´ standard plastic gods "Factory Mutual Standard Plastic Commo-dity". As the name indicates, contains a large amount of plastic goods, packaged in wellpappkartong. The plastic in the form of plastic cups. A project has a similar goods produced tuned for European pallets. This cargo will be an important reference for the future classifications of goods for industry.
Publisher: SP | Author: Magnus Arvidson
Job no: 735-941
| Year: 2000
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Alternatives to halogenated flame retardants for electronics
In recent years, halogenerande flame retardants and their effects on the environment have become increasingly high-profile. Measures must be taken now by the society in order to reduce the use of the halogenerande flame retardants. Inter alia, prepared a European directive which could lead to the prohibition of certain types of brominated flame retardants.
Publisher: IVF, The Swedish Institute of Production Engineering Research | Author: Carl Gunnar Bergendahl
Job No.: 701-971
| Year: 1999
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