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Learning from residential fires

It is estimated that approximately 25,000 residential fires annually in Sweden and civil protection larmas to about 6,000 of them. In some of these fires will 100 people that fatally injured. Most other accidents of society decreases over time in numbers but numbers for residential fires and fire deaths have been steadily on the same level for a long time.

The fact that we in Sweden have not succeeded in reversing the trend and gradually reduced the number of fatal fires, residential fires are not acceptable. There is strong support for initiating preventive action from both the local and State level.

The project ' Learning from residential fires ", where Research Board has a coordinating role, has the overall aim of improving the understanding of fires in residential environment. The project will focus on residential fires in General, regardless of House type, course, underlying causes and the size of the fire or damage. The idea is that, for example, the following questions to get answers when data collection is complete and the analyses made:
Of who is burning?
What is housing?
How have different individuals in fire proximity acted in connection with the fire and why they acted as they did?
What was the cause of the fire and how saw the events look like?
Which fire protection were at home and how was it?

Major fires or fires with serious consequences are studied in General already, but there are also a lot smaller fires that did not have time to develop before being corrected. What can we learn from them? What was it that made that they did not develop as quickly? It was one of prevention, which was different in those cases?

Read article in fire-resistant 4/2011:
"Affects the behavior residential fires?"

Read about one element of svt/ABC 19 August 2011:
"Fire causes in dwellings identified"


Emergency services/associations participating in the project:
Fire Brigade Attunda

Karlstad Region Räddningstjänstförbund

Civil Protection Norrtälje

Stockholm Fire Department

Södertörns Fire Defense Association

Uppsala Fire Department