How do we build the rescue service of the future?

Live podcast: How do we build the rescue service of the future?
was arranged by Brandskyddsföreningen.

A new security policy situation and a changed climate, which leads to more fires and floods, place new and greater demands on the rescue service. In this episode, which was recorded from Klinten’s fire station during Almedal Week, Lars-Göran Uddholm and Mattias Delin discuss how the rescue service can equip itself to meet future challenges. Many topics are covered in this section; In addition to new technology, which poses new challenges and demands on the efforts of the rescue service, people also talk about the challenge of tall wooden houses, about the importance of CIP and that greater diversity and equality within the rescue service is required.

Mattias Delin, Research Director, Fire Research Foundation Brandforsk
Lars-Göran Uddholm,
Rescue manager, Region Gotland

The presenter is Roger Andersson, editor of the magazine Brandsäkert.

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