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Brandforsk creates opportunities for knowledge development for a safe and sustainable society and works to share and spread this knowledge where it is needed.

Our work is made possible thanks to the support of different organisations who see the importance of our work and who want to support the sustainable development of society across the board.

All support is important and makes a difference and you decide the level of support you wish to contribute. Donations are made annually and contributions now are for 2020. The minimum donation is 1000 SEK.

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The support for Brandforsk is a contribution to Brandforsks operations. If Brandforsks operations cease, without transitioning to other equivalent operations, before funds have been used, repayment obligations may exist. In such an event, the supporting organization is invited to submit repayment claims as soon as the conditions are known, however, no later than one month after the year in which the grant was submitted. Disputes concerning the application or interpretation thereof shall primarily be resolved by a voluntary agreement between the parties. If the parties cannot agree within the framework of such an agreement, a dispute shall be decided by the Stockholm District Court. The language of the procedure should be Swedish. For more information on the definition of contributions see, for example, ESV 2005:14. (This is a translation of the original text in Swedish. In case of disputes, the original Swedish version will be the valid version).