Research Projects

Brandforsk has financed hundreds of projects over a 40 year time period and with our help, research and development within the field of fire protection science has made big advances.

Below you will find the most recent reports or you can search for older reports. Clicking on a project will take you to a new page where you will be able to download the report.

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Tidig detektering av självantändning i biomassa

För att nå hållbarhetsmålen 2030, används bl.a. biobränslen såsom biomassmassa, flis för energiproduktion och även sorterat avfall återförs produktion i allt högre omfattning. En konsekvens av detta är en ökad mängd bränder på grund av självantändning med kraftig brandutveckling som följd. Det finns flera exempel på senare år som kräver stora insatser av räddningstjänsten …

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Exposure of modern compartment fires to facades

Fire spread through façades is a key feature of many high-consequence fire incidents with exceptionally difficult suppression challenges, often involving unproportionate damages and high fatality risk. Unlike many other aspects of fire safety, the framework for assessing the façade performance is far from harmonized …

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Home care and fire safety, from the home care service’s perspective

When the elderly live in so-called ordinary housing, ie. in their own homes and not in special homes, the building legislation presupposes that the people in the event of a fire can put themselves in safety. This insight has led to training initiatives and information campaigns in recent years often being directed at this group …

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How many people die in smoking-related house fires, really?

Smoking has long been known as one of the dominant risk factors for dying in house fires and especially when combined with old age. Given that the number of elderly people is expected to increase significantly in the coming years, the number of fatalities can also be expected to increase …

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