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Ongoing Research Needs

Brandforsk is made of three principal parts: Fire Safety in a Sustainable Society; Fire Safe Housing for Everyone; and Our Fire Smart World. The first two refer to goals and the third to the means of achieving them. All three fit within sustainable development and have this as their overall goal.

Fire Safety in a Sustainable Society

Converting to a sustainable society involves us all and it is important that fire protection science allows for this. Agenda 2030 means large technical, economic as well as social changes, and it is important that we work proactively. Fire safety can play a primary role but more often than not it takes on a secondary role that is nonetheless still important. For instance, an important reform for sustainable development may need a working fire safety solution. We must make a sustainable society in which working fire protection measures are possible.

Applications in this area must be justified in relation to this objective and inclusive of their respective sub-objectives.

Fire Safe Housing for Everyone

Fire safe housing for everyone is an important part of a vision in which there are zero fire related deaths. In addition to protecting lives,  large societal costs can also be saved. We now have good knowledge with regards to how different groups in our society are affected by household fires but we need to know even more and implement more measures in order to work towards the vision of zero fire related deaths. Societal development and demographic changes could be to our disadvantage if we do not act, however, with the right measures we can gain ground in achieving fire safe housing for everyone.

Our Fire Smart World

Our technical surroundings are becoming smarter and smarter and we want them to also be fire smart.

Digitalisation, Internet of Things, Big data, sensors, artificial intelligence to name just a few, have the potential to drastically change the possibilities of smart fire protection. It is with urgency that we must follow and take advantage of this development to be able to make use of its inherent potential.

Student Scholarships

We offer students the possibility to apply for scholarships with us in order to help make possible things that would not have otherwise been so. This could, for example, be to help towards costs connected with the completion of a bachelor or masters’ degree thesis (for instance, the purchasing of materials) or presenting their thesis at a conference if successfully chosen to do so. We do not offer this support to those who have access to financial support from other sources. For example, if there is an external party that is interested in a student’s thesis who can help economically or if the student has an employer within the field of fire safety who can pay for travel to a conference.

Applications for student scholarships are made via e-mail to and must contain the following:

  • Title of the project.
  • A short description of the project.
  • Description and motivation regarding the costs you are applying for a scholarship for.
  • Amount you are looking for.
  • Personal information for everyone included in the application.
  • Account information for payment.
  • Consent that we handle your personal information.
  • Declaration that you have no other options for solving the financing (eg via employer or external stakeholder, etc.)