Evaluation of existing evacuation sites

Evaluation of existing evacuation sites

The purpose of the project is to map how evacuation sites are designed based on the current requirements that exist both in the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning’s building regulations (BBR 29) and in future building regulations that are under consultation The building regulations of opportunities – sub-project fire protection and the Work Environment Regulations 2020: 1 (AFS 2020: 1) with the intention of showing good solutions. The goal is to start from the user’s perspective as previous research has shown that the desire to use evacuation sites has not been great (Andrée et al, 2015). Neither BBR 29 nor AFS 2020:1 clearly states how an evacuation site should be designed so that the user can use it and experience security in waiting at the site until help arrives.

Publisher: Brandskyddslaget

Proj.nr: 323-002 | Year: 2024

Author: Kristin André

Recording of the resultwebinar from the 16th of February 2024